About Brad

He's a pretty rad dude

What is User Experience Research/Design?

Many times throughout my career, I’ve been asked to define what a User Experience team/practice consists of. Recently, I’ve been moving away from “UX” as a term (as it tends to focus people too much on technology), instead preferring “human-centered” as the prefix. To me, human-centered design has very little to do with making things pretty (though aesthetics are important), and is more about an iterative, explorative process to understand what the needs and desires of your audience/users are and to deliver a simple, elegant solution to those problems.

Research is a crucial part of the process. By leveraging research at every stage (from exploration and ideation through prototyping, implementation, and launch) and borrowing elements of service design, we can ensure the solutions built work not only for the isolated use case but as part of the larger ecosystem they fit into. By constantly leveraging feedback and data generated by interactions with end users, I ensure that not only are we solving the right problem, but that we’re solving it the right way.

You can read more about my approach to Research here.

Brad is a graduate of the University of Rochester with a B.S. in Computer Science, a B.A. in Psychology, and minors in Spanish and Dance. He works with Auth0 as their first Head of User Research, where he’s building and scaling a User Research Practice from scratch in a remote-friendly environment. Brad dances professionally with Sokolow Theater Dance Ensemble and Kanopy Dance Company. Brad also participates in entrepreneurial events and hackathons, mentors and volunteers with NYC UXPA, bikes, and makes and blogs about beer-batter pancakes. Brad is one half of performing.design, founder of MelioraLabs, and currently on the board of directors for the global ResearchOps community.

In a past life, Brad also curled at the Madison Curling Club, homebrewed as a member of MHTG, and played ultimate frisbee competitively with Madison Mastodon and as a founding member of Madison Mousetrap.

If you’re unfortunate enough to be looking for a résumé, you can find a (probably outdated) version here.

Dance photography on bradorego.com courtesy of Shawn Harper, Matzner Photography, Kanopy Dance, Meems Images, and Sokolow Theater Dance Ensemble.