When I was entering my Take 5 year at the University of Rochester, I found myself in a scheduling bind that forbid me from being able to take any of the remaining dance classes I hadn’t taken. Between this and my desire to push my dance career beyond academia, I decided to propose an independent study with Missy Pfohl Smith, the newly appointed Director of the Program of Dance & Movement. The path this independent study lead me down was somewhere between unexpected and incredible.

Given the experience to intern with Biodance as well as stage manage their Fall 2010 production at Geva Theater, I learned much more about dance “in the real world” than I had expected. On top of the hands-on experience of professional rehearsals and stage management for a live show, I was also blessed with the opportunities to learn about the logistics of running a dance company, such as grant writing, proofreading, marketing, and preparing/disseminating press releases.

The full text of my capstone essay can be found here. Photos include highlights from the show I stage managed.

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