One of the many projects I’ve been involed with via 100state was one in collaboration with the Clean Lakes Alliance, a non-profit “dedicated to the improvement and protection of the lakes, streams, and wetlands of the Yahara Watershed”. One of their initiatives involves soliciting volunteers to collect data about water quality nearby their homes and places of work in order to monitor and gain insight on the water.

Previously, data collection has happened in a variety of means, such as email or a Google Spreadsheet. The first step of the project was to digitize the entire process by creating a web app that volunteers can use to log into and track their data. The second phase would be to roll out a public-facing web and mobile application that Madison beachgoers can use to check which beaches were open or closed, what the relative water quality at each location is, and to be able to submit their own visual observations of the water quality based on a few scales CLA put forth.

My responsibilities for this project were to take care of product design (UX, visual) as well as implement a prototype for the front-end. Josh and Jordan from MIOsoft graciously offered to handle all of the back-end data handling and implementation. For the front-end, we chose to work with the Ionic Framework, deciding to go completely mobile-first.

After I ended my engagement on the project, MIOsoft completely took over responsibility for the project. The live version can be seen at Lakeforecast.org.

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Lakeforecast.org Map View Lakeforecast.org Beach View

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