The inspireDANCE Festival is the result of Arielle Friedlander’s 2010 KEY Project at the University of Rochester. As an ogoing festival, inspireDANCE’s goals are to strengthen the dance community in Rochester by connecting students to professional dancers in and around the Rochester area. The Festival features professional dancers and instructors from Rochester as well as a feature artist with national (and sometimes world) renown. Past artists include Bill Evans, Clyde Evans, Jr., Heidi Latsky, and Illstyle & Peace Productions as well as all of the artists on faculty at the University of Rochester.

As one of the founding members, my role in inspireDANCE’s formation was both the Fundraising & Publicity Director and the Assistant to the Director. I was responsible for reaching out to different groups around campus as well as in the Rochetser community to secure funding for the event as well as to publicize the festival, including development of print and web media. As Assitant to the Director, I carried out many administrative tasks and assisted in decision making on issues large and small, including marketing, financing, and other administrative decisions.

The original inspireDANCE website was built at a moment’s notice as a temporary location for information about the event before and during the festival. Site design was based on the flyers for the event.

Video summary available courtesy of the University of Rochester. Information on this year’s inspireDANCE Festival via the U of R Program of Dance and Movement.

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