MobileIgniter is an Internet-of-Things consultancy and product development firm that has worked with numerous clients, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to early-stage startups, and touched many industries including consumer appliances, insurance, and air quality. MI’s engagements included helping companies figure out if IoT was right for their business/product from a strategic standpoint, helping ideate and prototype different interactions and feature sets having a “smart” device would afford, and as far as taking products to market. MobileIgniter has a unique combination of electrical engieering, software development, and business analysis that enables the company to contribute at every stop of the product development lifecycle.

As with any startup/small company, individuals wear many hats and are responsible for many different roles. At MobileIgniter, I was primarily responsible for design and research, with additional support in front-end development and project management. Essentially, anything that happened between signing the contract and the app reaching production was in my wheelhouse. In particular, MI ran several marketing experiments while exploring different product opportunities, and designing the marketing material, email campaigns, and advertising campaigns was my responsibility.

Unfortunately most of the work MobileIgniter has done is under NDA, so while I can’t speak publicly about specific projects, some highlights include designing and running usability studies for a Fortune 1000 company, helping a Fortune 500 company learn Angular and Agile methodologies, publishing the Usability Research Checklist, and developing ngPhoton.

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