Nextt is a social event planning tool designed to help get all of your friends on the same page and to get together offline in the real world. While working with Nextt, I was responsible for development of the mobile web app (which eventually became Nextt’s Android app), as well as overseeing parts of the overall User Experience and wrangling all of the data, metrics, and analytics to help guide product development. The most interesting and valuable piece of this experience was building everything from the ground up by hand - no frameworks, no tools. I learned a ton about mobile performance, and what it takes to develop a compelling experience on mobile.

Along with advising visual design, branding, and interaction design, there were several small victories we achieved, such as increasing the unauth (invite) conversion rate from ~10% to ~40%, and streamlining the onboarding process to get users up to speed and interacting with the system in a meaningful way. I championed tight iteration loops and data-driven decisions about design and feature prioritization, and also managed all of Nextt’s usability studies, email questionnaires, and analytics suite. We prepared daily reports to the CEO and weekly to the Board to monitor our progress.

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