1010data has been a leader in big data analytics since 2000. In 2019, I joined 1010 as their first Director of User Experience in order to design, implement, and build a department focused on human-centered research and design. By working cross-functionally, generating consensus, and implementing new rituals, practices, methods, and tools, I empowered my team to deliver best-in-class user experiences by leveraging data to inform our decisions.

Lessons Learned

  • There are unique benefits and challenges to starting from scratch, especially at a well-established company. 1010 has an eager appetite for being data-informed and for being more human-centric, however there was both a hesitation as well as corporate inertia to overcome in shifting methods and culture.
  • Before joining 1010, I was under the impression there was virtually nobody outside of Sales talking to end users. This turned out to be completely false; we had plenty of feedback coming in, but no pipeline to deliver it to stakeholders on the Product side. Clearing this up was a major win for research.
  • As a leader in a larger organization, it's just as important to interface with and motivate your team as it is to work closely with stakeholders in other parts of the business. The more you can collaborate, the more you can all achieve, and by co-leading initiatives, tremendous value can be delivered.

Unfortunately, due to NDA, I'm not allowed to publicly share details about this experience. I'd be happy to talk about this more offline.

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