Prolific Interactive

Prolific Interactive (now part of The We Company) was an industry leader in delivering award-winning mobile and web experiences. Prolific's work was always deeply user-centric, focusing on delivering the best possible experience for the end user. I joined Prolific to help the company fulfill a need they'd recognized to increase the quality and frequency of their research activities. By shifting design responsibilities fully to the Product Design team, we freed up UX Design to transition into dedicated User Researchers, which involved updating the agency's Service Offering, defining a new department structure and new career ladder, and retraining current team members.

Lessons Learned

  • Change management is often the hardest part of any process, and in Prolific's case, we had 9 years of agency inertia to overcome. This included business development, organizational structure, and supporting/transitioning ongoing partnerships.
  • Agencies are uniquely positioned to create really great work, both internally and externally. Prolific had a strong, diverse, and passionate talent pool with expertise that spanned across all of engineering, design, product management, and growth, which put us in a unique position to deliver value.
  • On the flip side, if the majority of company revenue is driven by client work, it can be difficult to make large strides in organizational change without the budget to do so. While we had support from senior leadership internally, we still had to help business development communicate the change externally and to justify the value of Research.

Monday, July 29, 2019 Mini-Update

I’ll add more detail/narrative to this page later, but here are some talks I gave an some documents I put together while at Prolific:

You can also see more about the client-facing work I did with Prolific by reading the SoulCycle case study.

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