Recent/Current Projects:

Mar 2 Update: There are more showcase items coming and they'll have more detail (aside from just being lifted from a slide deck), however my motivation to do so is pretty low right now.

I recently started working with Auth0 to help them build and scale a Research team from scratch, so a) this portfolio is fairly useless for the immediate future, and b) most of my time and energy will be spent there.

I would suggest following along the blog in the meantime, as I'll be writing a lot about my work there 😁.

Arturo Pilot Diary Study

📈 Quantitative 🔍 Evaluative 🧠 Attitudinal

An 8-week, 200-user diary study of a new product designed to make insurance agents more efficient.

DSCVR First Impression Usability Test

📈 Quantitative 🔍 Evaluative 🕺 Behavioral

Usability testing the first-time user experience of a new product built for analysts, data scientists, and engineers.

DSCVR Go-to-Market Strategy

💓 Qualitative 💡 Generative 🧠 Attitudinal

Exploring the lives of Data Scientists & Data Engineers in order to guide go-to-market strategy and product development.

SoulCycle Studio Ethnography

💓 Qualitative 💡 Generative 🕺 Behavioral

Evaluating the in-studio experience for riders in order to develop best practices for first-time riders and increase rider retention.