Coaching & Mentorship

Coaching can be an invaluable way to unblock yourself in your life and career, discover new avenues of growth, and empower a path toward understanding yourself (read more about why you should have a coach here).

Leadership, mentorship, and coaching has always been a part of my life, from my early days as an athlete all the way through today. My approach is based in Humanistic Psychology: the belief that individuals are whole, unique, and contain the power to grow, learn, and change.

Why work with Brad?

  • Like their Research career, Brad's coaching experience has rigorous academic backing. Brad studied under the Center for Workshop Education as well as studying Teaching Psychology with Professor Emeritus Dale McAdam.
  • Over the past decade, Brad has coached and mentored hundreds of first-time entrepreneurs, UX career switchers, and others through organizations such as TechStars, 3 Day Startup, UXPA, Hexagon, and personal connections, as well as served on the Board of Directors for the ResearchOps Global Community.
  • Professionally, Brad has built and scaled multiple UX and Research functions, having worked with companies such as Auth0, 1010data, Prolific Interactive, SoulCycle, American Family Insurance, and Spectrum Brands.
  • Brad understands how UX fits in at every level of the organization, from executive to individual, what the challenges are at each level, and how to work through those challenges.
  • Brad is also a leading voice in the UX & Research field, frequently speaking at conferences and contributing writing to a variety of sources.

How it works

  1. We'll work together to identify what your goals are in having a coach as well as what are the growth opportunities for you in your career and life.
  2. We'll develop a personalized curriculum to help you get from where you are to where you want to be.
  3. We'll figure out the cadence and format that works best for you, including a combination of live sessions and async check-ins.
  4. We'll continue to evolve the plan to grow along with you, setting new targets and accelerating your growth.