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After almost a year of inactivity, it's finally time to get this site back in line and my blog up and running on a regular basis. One of the best things I can do as a young and aspiring designer is to constantly analyze my world, and to put my thoughts out there.

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It only took me about 10 months, but I’ve finally gotten around to rebuilding this site to have a purpose. I originally built a personal website when I was leaving Epic with the intention of having a place to show my past work as well as a place to play around with new technologies on the web. That was, at least, the intention. If any of you were keeping tabs on it, that never actually happened. I built the site haphazardly over the course of a few days and never updated it.

This time around, though, it’ll be different. Two main reasons:

  1. I built the site on top of Drupal this time around instead of doing everything by hand. This means I’m not trying to be a whizkid web developer anymore (read: more professional) and it also means updating things is a lot easier/less painful.
  2. I have a reason and method of keeping it up to date. If I’m blogging about usability/user experience, it’s an excuse to keep on top of things, and to keep it fresh. Plus, if I want to be a consultant, I’ve gotta show my stuff somehow, right?

I do have to give a fair bit of credit to my ZD family for both inspiring me and giving me some experience building sites from scratch on top of Drupal. I wouldn’t be where I am today (both in terms of skills and motivation) if not for them, and I’m looking forward to each new day with ZD.

I have a few ideas of blog post themes/threads (Design in the Wild, War Stories, etc.), but this blog will also likely be a mixture of professional, personal, and possibly-insane. It’ll be fun to work on it, see it grow, populate my portfolio, etc.

Onward and upward.

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